Marva, a hair stylist and salon owner of 25 years from the island of spice, realized throughout her career, that multiple products had to be used on curly hair in order to cater to the diversity found in Toronto, Canada. There has been no product that has mastered catering to all diversity and all textured hair needs, until now.

Today, large professional hair care companies have monopolized the industry, sacrificing product integrity for mass marketing; the salon owner of Kinks Hair Studio recognized it was necessary to go back to the industry’s fundamentals (roots), where healthy hair care meets integrity.

After spending years observing what the market was lacking and needed, she created a product that will cater to people of all different cultures in various climates, while keeping a focus on core health, manageability, followed with consistent beauty.

Our professionally trained staff are passionate and detailed in what they do to convey their true talents. Expressing your "KINKS" is not work but an opportunity for our stylists to creatively express your overall beauty.

Kinks Hair Studio and Spa wants to be your only stop for all of your salon needs and wants. We reflect a warm, intimate, relaxing atmosphere and it is our goal to make every visit a memorable one.

We are committed to providing our clients with the most up to date styles by being sensitive to their needs and understanding that healthy hair comes first.

We take pride in our talents and strive to be the best in the business. While education is still the driving force behind our team, we are dedicated to excellence.

Products Are Free Of

Mineral Oil
Animal Testing
Propylene Glycol

Products Are Safe For

Active People
Expecting Mothers
Sensitive Skin
Skin Disorders

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